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Application form

Post Ph.D and Ph.D. Application Form

Suggestions for writing your Post Ph.D. and Ph.D. program application narrative

  1. Describe in the autobiographical essay your intellectual and personal development, work history, schooling, achievements and awards and any other pertinent background information.
  2. Describe your current interests and activities, giving particular attention to the nature of your work, studies and current readings, career plans, areas of special interest, and indicate your reasons for seeking an IOU Foundation degree.
  3. Describe your conceptualization of your proposed Ph.D. or Post Ph.D. program with
Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Intercultural Open University Foundation attempts to assist learners as much as possible to meet the Foundations modest tuition fees by adapting the fees to the individual needs of the learners.   Tuition fee payments can be made in three installments.  The Board of Governors, President, and staff are all dedicated to making affordable education possible for learners regardless of their financial situation. Our scholarship programs are centered around and directed toward learners that are active and involved in social change programs.

Admission Committee Handbook

Draft Revision – June 2017




According to the Ph.D. Program Faculty Constitution and By-Laws, The Ph.D. Program Admissions Committee has the responsibility for admissions through the acceptance, requests for further information, or rejection of applicants for admission. The Admissions Committee is advisory to the Office of the President. It is also the faculty’s primary deliberative and consultative body on admissions policies and practices.