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Post Ph.D and Ph.D. Application Form

Suggestions for writing your Post Ph.D. and Ph.D. program application narrative

  1. Describe in the autobiographical essay your intellectual and personal development, work history, schooling, achievements and awards and any other pertinent background information.
  2. Describe your current interests and activities, giving particular attention to the nature of your work, studies and current readings, career plans, areas of special interest, and indicate your reasons for seeking an IOU Foundation degree.
  3. Describe your conceptualization of your proposed Ph.D. or Post Ph.D. program with IOU Foundation, including the degree you wish to pursue, the types of learning resources you anticipate using, the final project or products you propose to undertake in the degree program and other plans and desires for your personal and professional development. In additional, discuss the overall learning objectives, the mechanisms which would be utilized to reach those objectives, the means for acquiring proficiency in the theoretical foundations in your area of specialization, the method of interrelating the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of your degree program, the objectives of your dissertation and the general cohesiveness of your proposed Ph.D. or Post Ph.D. program.

Please include with your application scanned copies of your previous diplomas and two letters of recommendation which address your readiness for Post Ph.D/ Ph.D study.


First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
City (and State)
Postal Code
E-mail address
Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy)
Telephone at Work
Telephone at Home
Fax Number
Present Employer
Ph.D./Post Ph.D. Program
Previous Education
Independent Reading List (Fill in a list of previous independent reading directly related to your Major which will strengthen the evaluation of your professional and academic background.)
Occupational History (Fill in your previous employment, outlining employers, location, length of employment, responsibilities and accomplishments in each position.)
Specialized Training (Provide all available information.)
Autobiography (Write a short autobiographical statement, including what you hope to accomplish with a diploma/certificate from the Foundation.)