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Sandra Hurlong, PhD, Anthropology

Sandra Hurlong, Ph.D. Anthropology


Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH

Sandra Hurlong, PhD is President of the Intercultural Open University Foundation where she also serves as a Professor of Cultural Anthropology.  Dr. Hurlong is working with Hextlearn's Peer Review Methodology Project supported by the European Commission, a program that aims at enhancing the reform process of Europe's higher education institutions by creating, testing, and launching elearning assessment methods.

Dr. Hurlong was the Assistant Dean and Professor at the Union Institute and University, a pioneering university in innovation in higher education. In addition, she served as the Department Chairperson of the Behavioral Science Program at Wilmington University.  She is a member of the American Anthropological Association, the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, and the International Association of International Educators.

Dr. Hurlong has received numerous awards including recognition by the Department of Agriculture of the State of Mexico for her outstanding work with women's agricultural cooperatives.  She has been recognized by the Senate of Puerto Rico in appreciation for the experiences of cultural learning and cultural exchange offered by seminars she established in San Juan on Puerto Rican Culture.  Dr. Hurlong is a recipient of a grant from the Ford Foundation for Anthropological Field Training.  She continues to work with the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca in Mexico on projects of intercultural communication.

She earned her B.S. and M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and her PhD from the Union Institute.  She currently divides her time between Oaxaca, Mexico, Granada, Spain, and Arden, Delaware.


USA Office:2401 Woodland Lane
  Mexico Office: S.Pablo Etla
Arden, DE 19810
  Etla, Oaxaca, 68258
302 352-1733(h)
  52 951 520-4024(h)
302 521-5354(m)
  52 951 547-7763(m)
Phone US & Mexico: 302 352-1733(h)



Summary CV


President and Professor of Anthropology, Intercultural Open University Foundation

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

PhD, Cultural Anthropology, The Union Institute
M.A., Cultural Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
B.A., Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania


Anthropology, Innovation in Education, International Education, Cross-Cultural Business Management, Latin American and Hispanic Studies (Mexico/Spain), Shamanism and Spiritual Journeying, Ritual Art and Performance, Dance Ethnology, South Asia Studies (India), Women's Studies, and Sustainable Agriculture.


2008-Present--President of the Intercultural Open University Foundation

2007--Board of Governors for the Intercultural Open University Foundation

2007-present--Professor in Higher Education, Cultural Anthropology, Intercultural Open University Foundation, Spain, Mexico, and the United States

1995-2005--Core Faculty, The Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH

1993-1995--Assistant Dean and Core Faculty The Union Institute

1990-1992--Academic Director, Mexico: School for International Training, VT

1985-1989--Professor of Behavioral Science and Management, Coordinator of Behavioral Science, Wilmington College, DE

1981-1985--Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, Wilmington College, DE

1974-1980--Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, Wilmington College, DE

1982-1983--Lecturer, Cross Cultural Communications Systems, University of Pennsylvania

1972-1973--Teaching Assistant, South Asia Department, University of Pennsylvania

1969-1971--Instructor of Anthropology, Ursinus College

1984-1989--Consultant in Organizational Analysis and Employee Development, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania


1961 Summer--University of Dijon, Dijon, France

1961-1962--University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

1963-1964--University College, London, England

1964-1965--University of Rosario, Rosario, Argentina

Management Consulting and Research: Mexico--1990-Present; Spain--1961, 1988-Present; Taiwan--1985; India--1968, 1973, 1995, 2006; Argentina--1964-1965

Dissertation Title: Black Crows in the Morning: A Journey to the Shaman’s World

EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY:  My ideas about teaching and learning are rooted in both my experience in non-traditional learning and formal academic training, and in my belief that learning, like life, is an experiment, both mystical/magical and tragic.  I also believe that cultural diversity is essential to human survival and that consciousness of diversity is critical to learning.


During the past several years, my professional activities have been divided between fostering cross-cultural communication and promoting the importance of traditional healing.  I have served on a number of boards including the Delaware Humanities Forum and Partners for the Americas.  I have given presentations and chaired sessions in a wide range of professional contexts.  I have also conducted numerous workshops on dream interpretation, Native American spirituality, and psychology and spirituality. In January of 2007, I participated in a global conference in India on Science, Spirituality, and Intercultural Insights.


Professional Associations

1974-Present--American Anthropological Assn.

1970-Present--University Museum, University of Pennsylvania

1996-Present--Association of International Educators

1985-Present--Association for Transpersonal Psychology

1992-1998--Board Member, Delaware Humanities Forum


2001--San Pablo Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico.  Recognition by municipal authorities for work in Community building

1994--Senate of Puerto Rico, S. Juan PR. Resolution 1309 expressing recognition and appreciation for the experiences of cultural learning and cultural exchange offered by the Union Institute Seminar on Puerto Rican Culture

1993--Department of Agriculture of the State of Mexico. Recognition by the national government for work with Campesinos and agricultural development

1986--Wilmington College, Excellence in Teaching and Service on Self- Directed Study Commision, Wilmington, DE

1965-1969--Delaware Department of Education Scholarship for graduate study in Anthropology

1964-1965--Ford Foundation Anthropological Field Training Grant, Argentina

1959-1963--Wemyss Foundation Complete Scholarsip for B.A. in Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania

1993-2005--Dissertations Supervised  (Selected Examples)

Cultural Anthropology

1999--Bowman, Joanne Marie, Characteristics of Scottish women who take risks:  Cultural environments and socialization

1999--Jones, Pearlie M., The Longest Journey, autobiography, and Race, class and gender issues in the lives of African American women

1997--N'Diaye, Diana Baird, Collaborative cultural research and public sector folklore presentation:  An ethnographic study of the African Immigrant Folklife Project

Consciousness and Healing

2003--Buck, Stephanie M., Essays in analytical psychology: A phenomenological study of the archetypal nature of the psychotherapeutic frame, with a special focus on contributions of archetypal field theory

2002--Caplan, Mariana, Do you need a guru? Understanding the student-teacher relationship in an era of false prophets

2001--Brooks, Patricia Anne, The use of clinical hypnosis to accelerate the appearance of soft tissue wound resolution and patient recovery in post-surgical patients

2000--Cane, Patricia Mathes, Trauma healing and transformation: Body-mind-spirit practices for grassroots people

1999--DeWees, Suzanne Mary, Palliative massage: Healing into dying, and, Lived experience: A contextual essay

Ritual and Arts Performance

2000--Avoglia, Evely, Finding authentic voice: A spiritual journey

1998--Jorge, Ethel E., La Reina del barrio: A murga group in Montevideo, Uruguay

Creative Arts Research

2002--Lausch, Nancy Vanderboom, Blessed are the fruits of my womb: Practicing the pedagogy via aesthetics, semiotics, and creativity

1998--Rankin, Don, Contextual essay (exhibition catalog): Making the invisible visible.  A series of paintings focusing on Native American oral traditions

1996--Henderson, Debbie Brush, Cowboys and Hatters:  Bond Street, Sagebrush, and the Silver Screen (Hats, Felting, Clothing)

Cross-cultural Communication

2001--Boeder, Shane, Women's stories: The politics of memory in Latin America

1999--Navarro, Valerie P., Breaking the chains: Personal transformation through second language acquisition

1998--Domoto, Maria Elena , Demystifying Japan: A multimedia software package for a multicultural age

Organizational Studies

2001--Allen, Rodney Stephen, A phenomenological study of middle management in the post-acquisition environment

2001--Santiago-Canet, Jaime Luis, Readiness of Puerto Rican managers in the southern region of Puerto Rico to compete in the international business environment


Doctoral Level (PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies)

Demistifying Research

Asking the Research Question: Design and Execution in Research

Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean

Traditional Healing, Spirituality and Community Health in Oaxaca, Mexico

Culture, Migration, and Community Empowerment

Science, Spirituality, and Intercultural Relations

Spirituality, Culture, and Healing:  A Journey into the Sacred Heart of India

Politics, Trade, and Migration in Contemporary Oaxaca

History and Systems in Psychology

Graduate (M.B.A. and M. S. in Human Resource Management)

Organizational Development

Human Systems Analysis

International Business Management