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Sharon Parker, PhD, Education

Sharon Parker

University of Aukland, Aukland, NZ


Sharon Parker, Ph. D. Education, University of Aukland, Aukland, NZ




4914 Grand Fir Lane

Olympia, WA 98502

Telephone: 360/866-2050

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Olympia, Washington

Work: University of Washington Tacoma

1900 Commerce Street

Tacoma, WA 98402

Telephone: 253/692-4861


Dr. Parker has spent the majority of her 30-year professional career in public administration addressing issues of social justice and equity. She is currently the Assistant Chancellor for Equity and Diversity at the University of Washington Tacoma (UWT). There she has responsibility for all diversity and equity policies and practices for the campus. Prior to joining UWT, Dr. Parker was a national diversity practitioner, consultant and researcher. As part of that work, Dr. Parker served as a Principal Investigator for the six-year Campus Diversity Initiative (CDI) Evaluation Resource Project based at Claremont Graduate University in southern California. During her career, Dr. Parker's service included work in higher education institutions, where she led initiatives on diversity and social responsibility; non-profit advocacy organizations, such as the National Institute for Women of Color, the National Commission on Working Women, and the American Institute for Managing Diversity; and independent consulting. She is a USA citizen of Native American (Susquehama, Tslagi) and African American heritage.




Ph.D., University of Auckland, School of Education, Auckland, New Zealand.
September 2007
: Diversity as Praxis for Institutional Transformation

M.Ed.   Bilingual Education (Spanish/English). Antioch raduate School of Education, Washington, D.C. 1974.

B.A.   Slavic Languages (Russian).
University of California at Los Angeles. 1970.

Special Study. "Strategies for Cross-Cultural Communications in the New Information Age: Continuity, Change and Innovation", SIETAR     International Conference, 1992.

"The Politics of Leadership", Institute for Public Service, Washington, D.C., 1984.

Grass Roots Fundraising Seminar, Joan Flanagan Inc., Richmond, VA, 1983.

Management Training Seminar, Hunter College Life‑Long Learning Center, Washington, D.C. 1979.

Language Study (15‑week Intensive Program), Antioch College and the U.S.S.R. 1968.  Semester Abroad Instituto Psiquiatrico Infantil, Guadalajara, Mexico, 1967.



External Scholar, Intercultural Open University Foundation, 2008-Present

Assistant Chancellor for Equity and Diversity, University of Washington Tacoma, Tacoma, WA, 2/07 - present.  Advisor to Chancellor and senior leadership on diversity and equity issues; major responsibility for university leadership on institutionalization of policies and practices support diversity and equity.

Visiting Scholar, Claremont Graduate University, School of Educational Studies, Claremont, CA., 9/01- 5/06.  Major focus is evaluation research project on California Campus Diversity Initiatives funded by the Irvine Foundation.

Resource Faculty, Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, 9/01 - present.  Lecturer on diversity: developing, planning, implementing, and assessing strategic initiatives.

President. American Institute for Managing Diversity (AIMD), Atlanta, Georgia, 3/97 - 3/00.  Leadership of Institute and consultation with partnering organizations on culture audit, diversity research, and strategic initiatives

Director, Social Responsibility Programs, Office for Social Responsibility, The Union Institute, Washington, D.C., 5/94 -5/96.  Development of programs for social responsibility, particular focus on educational diversity issues.

Director, Office for Multicultural Development and Senior Associate Provost. Office of the President, Stanford University. Stanford, CA. 9/90 - 5/93.  Implemented strategic university initiative on diversity; conducted second annual audit of diversity initiative.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, National Institute for Women of Color (NIWC).  Washington, D.C. 1/81 ‑ 3/92.  Leadership of organization defining diversity and identifying policy research areas in diversity arena.

Washington Representative. Girls Clubs of America, Inc. (GCA).  Washington, D.C. 9/86 ‑ 8/90.  Tracked public policy issues impacting girls and young women, disaggregated by race/ethnicity.

Executive Director. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). Washington, D.C. 6/85 ‑ 3/86.

Consultant.  Self‑employed.  Washington, D.C. 7/81 ‑ 12/84.

Major activities included: Team Teaching in program titled "Management Training for Women;" and serving as Seminar Coordinator for American Indian National Bank and other Native American organizations engaging in economic development conferences.

Program Analyst.  D.C. Office of Personnel, Bureau of Classification and Compensation.  Washington, D.C. 1/81‑ 6/81.

Assistant Director.  National Commission on Working Women.  Washington, D.C. 9/77 ‑  6/80.

Fluent in Spanish; working knowledge of Russian.





National Council member. The Wilderness Society. 6/96 - Spring 2008.

Chair, Coordinating Council.  Diversity Leadership Forum. 3/02 - 2005.

(Previously Co-Chair, 3/00 -3/02 and Member, Organizing Task Force and Steering Committee. 1/97 - 3/00.)

Board member. The Georgia Conservancy.  12/99 - 6/00.

Advisory Board member. Hope in the Cities, a grass-roots organization promoting cross‑racial communication and healing.  6/95 - 6/00.

Advisory Committee member. American Council on Education's Office for Women and the Mary Robertson Smith Scholars Council. 9/94 -6/97.

Steering Panel member. National Association for Women in Education Conference for Young Women Student Leaders.  9/95 - 6/97.

Chair, Board of Directors (and Chief Executive Officer).  National Institute for Women of Color.  1/81 ‑ 3/92.

Chair, Board of Directors.  Women For Meaningful Summits    USA.  Spring 1988 - 6/90.

Member. National Advisory Committee, Gender-Free Insurance Project. 4/89 - 8/90.

Member. National Center for Policy Alternatives Advisory Committee, Women's Economic Development Roundtable Chair. 4/88 - 8/90.

Member. Steering Panel on Financing the Nonprofit Sector, to the Institute for Public Policy and Administration, Union of Experimenting Colleges and Universities (UECU).  3/89 - 7/90.

Member. National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, Board of Directors. 5/88 - 6/90.

Member. National Advisory Committee, Institute for Women's Policy Research. 3/88 - 11/89.

Member.  D.C. Private Industry Council Board of Directors, Women's Community representative; Chair, Communications Committee.  2/81 ‑ 6/85.

Member. Women's Legal Defense Fund Board of Directors, 1982‑ 1986; Board Liaison to My Sister's Place, a shelter for battered women; Board representative to the Executive Committee.

Member.  Older Women's League (OWL) Board of Directors; Board Personnel Committee; Board Secretary. 11/84 ‑ 85.

Member.  Women of Color Task Force, 14th National Women and the Law Conference.  9/82 ‑ 4/83.

Member.  Women's Legal Referral System Advisory Board. 3/83 ‑ 10/83.

Member.  Black Women's Agenda, D.C. Council, Program Co‑chair.  9/80 ‑ 6/82.

Member.  Original Steering Committee, National Committee on Pay Equity; Chair, Education and Legislation.  Washington, D.C. 4/79 ‑ 1/81.

Interim Chair and Member.  National Minority Women's Committee, National Organization for Women.  9/77 ‑ 1/80.

Chapter Representative.  Fifty‑first State Council (DC), National Organization for Women.  1979 ‑ 1980.

Member.  National NOW Conference Planning Committee. 1979.

Member.  New Mexico Women's Conference for International Women's Decade (Historical and Cultural, Nominations, and Awards Committees).  1977.

Founder and Lobbyist.  New Mexico Displaced Homemaker Coalition. Albuquerque, NM.  1975 ‑ 1977



2001.   Recognition obelisk for service to the Leadership Committee of the Independent Sector, Washington, D.C.

2000.   Secretary's Certificate of Appreciation for Contributions to the First Diversity Conference of the Maryland Department of Transportation.

1990.   Commemorative Plaque for Outstanding Leadership in Advancing Public Support of the 1990 Decennial Census, Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census.

1989.   Commemorative Plaque for Outstanding Leadership of the National Institute for Women of Color, Washington, D.

1986.   Certificate of Appreciation, District of Columbia Private Industry Council.

1984.    Essence Award for Outstanding Leadership on behalf of the National Institute for Women of Color, accompanied by $1000.00; New York City.



2003, 2005, 2006.  Establishing contacts with Maori people and organizations in New Zealand as part of study on institutional transformation.

1992. Participant in SIETAR International Conference on Diversity and Intercultural Relations; Jamaica.

1989.  Pre-conference arrangements meeting with National Council of Women of Papua New Guinea; Port Moresby, PNG.

1988.  USA-USSR Summit Meeting; Women For Meaningful Summits peace mission. Moscow, USSR.

1985.  End‑Decade International Women's Conference, NGO Forum; Nairobi, Kenya.

1984.  Fact‑finding tour of Nicaragua with independent women's group.

1980.  Working Women tour of Panama City, Panama; Bogota, Colombia; Lima, Peru; and Caracas, Venezuela.



Institute for a Work in Progress: Building the Institutional Capacity for Diversity; presentation with Jose Moreno at the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE), San Diego, CA; May 2009.

"Evaluation and Assessment: "How do we know we did it and how do we measure it?" presenter at Board of Directors retreat, Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood, WA; October 2008.

Campus Equity and Engagement, keynote presenter, Washington Center for Higher Education, February 2008.

Making a Real Difference with Diversity: A Guide to Institutional Change; second author with Alma R. Clayton-Pedersen, Daryl G. Smith, Jose F. Moreno, and Daniel Hiroyuki Teraguchi; Association of American Colleges and Universities,  Washington, D.C.; 2007.

"Focus on the Campus Diversity Initiative (CDI): What Was It and How Does It Relate to the HECB Strategic Plan and Diversity?" Higher Education Coordinating Board meeting, July 2007.

"Lessons Learned from a Multi-Campus Diversity Initiative on Monitoring Progress Toward Excellence and Diversity," NCORE workshop, 5/2007.

"Building Capacity: A Study of the Impact of The James Irvine Foundation Campus Diversity Initiative: Final Report and Promising Practices form the CDI Evaluation Project;" Daryl Smith, Sharon Parker, Alma Clayton-Pedersen, Jose Moreno, Daniel Teraguchi; The James Irvine Foundation, San Francisco, CA; 3/2007.

"Using a Framework to Advance Institutional Learning about Diversity: Lessons Learned from the Irvine Campus Diversity Initiative," keynote presentation to the Tennesee Board of Regents, November 2006.

"The Use of Evaluation & Organizational Learning for Effective Diversity Initiatives: Lessons Learned from a Multi-Campus Diversity Initiative," Diversity and Learning Conference workshop, Association of American Colleges and Universities, October 2006.

"Using Multiple Lenses: An Examination of the Economic and Racial/Ethnic Diversity of College Students: An Analysis from the Campus Diversity Initiative;" Jose Moreno, Daryl Smith, Sharon Parker, Alma Clalyton-Pedersen, Daniel Teraguchi; The James Irvine Foundation, San Francisco, CA; July 2006.

"The Revolving Door for Underrepresented Minority Faculty in Higher Education: An Analysis form the Campus Diversity Initiative;" Jose Moreno, Daryl Smith, Alma Clayton-Pedersen, Sharon Parker, Daniel Teraguchi; The James Irvine Foundation, San Francisco, CA; April 2006.

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"Engaging in Diversity Work," keynote presentation to University retreat, California Lutheran University, 1/15/03.

"Why Diversity Is Essential to the Environmental Movement," keynote presentation to the Northwest Wilderness Conference, 5/3/02.

"Getting the Big Picture on Diversity," keynote presentation to the Lyle Fellowship; CA; 10/19/02.

"Creating Webs of Support: A Look at the Compact for Faculty Diversity;" joint presentation with Dr. Daryl Smith at the Seventh Annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, 10/2000.

Keynote on diversity; faculty retreat, Dominican University of California; 8/2000.

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"The Power of Myth," Diversity Day keynote presentation to the Environmental Protection Administration Regional Office, 8/99.

"Winning At Diversity," feature in Working Woman Magazine, 3/99.

Featured mentoring model in The WoMentor Guide: Leadership for the New Millennium, by Washington and Scott, 1999.

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