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IOU Open University online Ph.D programs

Online Opportunities for Learning Are Becoming More Mainstream

A blog post contributed to the Huffington Post last year  (visit: made much of the fact that today’s university students are far more digitally tuned in than their predecessors and the author, Edward Guiliano, noted that this may give them abilities to synthesize information and incubate ideas that far outrank any other generation in history. Dr. Guiliano, who is also President of the New York Institute of Technology, notes that as university classrooms become more accustomed to “screeners,” the learning experience will begin to focus more on creative solutions to existing problems. The challenge will be to promote and facilitate social interaction in a global classroom, he says, and IOU Foundation applauds his insight.

IOUF: Distance Learning and the Global Village

As a distance learning educational foundation focused on social change, the Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF) has fielded many questions over the years about our degree programs. We are unusual in the world and we serve a unique segment of the global village: people who want to use their graduate and post-graduate degrees in the service of mankind.

There is an increasing interest in this type of pursuit, and many universities are just now starting to pay attention to the value of distance education as it relates to social change; the IOU Foundation, by contrast, has been proudly carrying the banner in this field for more than three decades.

Gulab Kothari and the Power of Ideas

Universidad Central de Nicaragua/Universidad Azteca Dual PhD graduate Dr. Gulab Kothari spoke recently at a conference at the London School of Economics (LSE) in London, England, and gave a new twist to a topic that has fascinated humankind for centuries.

In his talk about the power of ideas, Dr. Kothari invited conference participants to go beyond a superficial concept of how ideas can aid humankind and explore the importance of personality and behaviour in bringing harmony to global issues. Dr. Kothari argued for a humanistic approach to problem solving that involves people’s minds, bodies, hearts and souls.

How do you obtain a PhD with a minimal amount of debt?

One of the most important questions facing prospective graduate and post-graduate students in many countries today is that of cost: many university programs require an investment of tens of thousands of dollars and with scholarship money in ever shorter supply, and government funding even more scarce, students are increasingly expected to find a way to finance their education out of their own pockets.

The Globalization of Graduate and Post-Graduate Education

A recent report conducted by the PEW Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and the Imagining the Internet Center at Elon University said it all: the future of higher education lies in distance education.

The study surveyed 1,021 education experts and stakeholders about their predictions for the future of higher education. The group included technology researchers, university directors, venture capitalists and Ivy League university professors — people who are all on the cutting edge of education in the United States. A convincing 60% of respondents said that they believe that by the year 2020 Universities will have massively adopted teleconferencing and distance learning in order to leverage expert resources.

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