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Relationship Gender and Health Care by Fay Hakemulder, PhD

1. Introduction

In the context of Human Rights, we see all over the world that women do not have the same rights as men. I am certainly not a so called feminist, but I have observed suppression of women in so many places on earth that I think that a university such as the Intercultural Open University Foundation has a task.

Curanderismo: Spirituality and Healing in Oaxaca, Mexico by Sandra Hurlong, PhD
hurlong-20 "Ten Indians approached us wearing long white cotton robes which reached to their feet. They had long hair so matted with blood that it would be impossible to part or even comb unless it were cut. These Indians were priests...and they brought before us large containers of incense full of a resin which they called copal. With clay braziers full of burning embers they began to smudge us thoroughly with incense."