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Sherry Eve Penn-Crawford, PhD, Behavioral Science


Union Institute and University (USA)

Juno Beach, FL  
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Sherry Eve Penn-Crawford, PhD

--Dr. Sherry Penn-Crawford is a Consultant in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication who has been in private practice for many years as a Coach and Mentor. She is Professor Emerita at Union Institute & University (UI&U) where she mentored several hundred doctoral students. She served as Assistant Vice President and Associate Dean of UI&U as well as Associate Dean of World University, and Director of the Dance Concentration at Miami-Dade Community College. She has consulted widely for corporations, not-for-profit organizations and universities in Organizational and Communication and Behavior, Public Relations Marketing, Persuasion and Program Development. Her clients have included General Electric, Atlantic Richfield, Chevron USA, the Rivergate Convention Center, Kentucky Bankers Association, Park University, University of Louisville, Capella University and Nova Southeastern University. She has also consulted for and coached state and national politicians. She has conducted seminars in Communication Psychology and the Expressive and Performing Arts. She is a pioneer in the field of Expressive Arts Therapies. She serves as Senior Professor and member of the Academic Board of the European Graduate School in Switzerland, and as Director of NCTI's Coach Training Specialization in Communication.


PhD--Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH

Communication Psychology & Performing Arts

M.A.--University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Theatre (Dramatic Theory & Criticism) and
Music History, Theory and Criticism

B.A.--University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Psychology and Theatre, Honors Thesis 


1970--Managing Partner & Senior Consultant, Penn-Crawford Associates LLC, Consultants

Primary Responsibilities

Consulting in Organizational, Media & Governmental Communication; Public Relations Marketing; Lobbying; Organizational & Individual Creativity; Academic Program Design & Development; Dissertation Design, Development and Completion in the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts; Professional Workshops/Seminars in Communication & Interpersonal Relations.  Consulting group also focuses in Educational Management and Accreditation and Licensing.  (Please see representative list of consulting accomplishments on following pages.)

Primary Accomplishments

Academic and organizational program development; Development of masters and doctoral level programs in Interdisciplinary Studies, Leadership and other academic areas for several institutions; Regional and State accreditation for two distance learning institutions; Organizational image enhancement; Design, organization and direction of programs resulting in 200% increase in sales, 100% increase in academic enrollment, and national and local media recognition; Resolution of outplacement challenges for one major Fortune 500 corporation; Coaching and election of political candidates; Development and supervision of lobbying campaigns resulting in passage of State legislation; Development and placement of successful radio and television campaigns for various organizational and individual clients.

1984-2007--Assistant Vice President, Associate National Dean (1984-88), and Professor Emeritus, Union Institute & University, Graduate College, Cincinnati, OH

Primary Responsibilities & Accomplishments

As Assistant Vice President and Associate National Dean:

Supervised Academic programs including enrollment management, retention, academic policy development, counseling and program development, financial resource management and development.  Increased enrollment of doctoral students from 325 to 750 in three years; Supervised faculty, administrative and staff committees; Supervised development of Learner (Student) Handbook; Developed tuition policies; Co-wrote self-study reports and represented university to outside agencies and organizations for accreditation and recruitment purposes; Coordinated academic colloquia and seminars; Counseled Learners regarding academic and personal matters affecting their studies and careers.  Responsible for strategic planning, program development and external communication related to academic, recruitment and resource development.

As Professor: 

Mentored and chaired the doctoral programs of over 250 Learners, plus served as Outside Reader for an additional 250 doctoral Learners; Directed the development of and wrote the governance documents of the Graduate College; Served as initial Chair of Council of Representatives (senate); Conducted research and authored major University-accepted papers such as “Boyer Categories for Recognizing Faculty Scholarship,” “Contextual Essays for Dissertations in the Arts” and many others; Chaired Admissions, Curriculum, Quality Assurance, Waiver, Governance, and Sexual Harassment Task Forces and Committees; Convened numerous doctoral seminars and colloquia. 

2007--Senior Core Professor & Member, Academic Policy Board, European Graduate School, Bern, Switzerland.  Research Methodology for the Expressive Arts and Communication, Arts-Based Research, Expressive Arts Therapies.

2007--Adjunct Professor, Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL.  Communication
& Interpersonal Relations, Psychology, Speech Communication, Humanities. 

Visiting Professor, NOVA Southeastern University Abraham Fischler Graduate School of Education, Davie, FL.  Research Methodology for the Interdisciplinary Arts; Arts-Based Research Methodology.

Visiting Professor, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY Communication Performance, Voice & Diction, Persuasion.  Selected University-wide Outstanding Professor.

Adjunct Professor, Webster University, Graduate School, Jeffersonville, IN
Organizational Behavior, Organizational Communication

Executive Producer, “Consumer Corner," Weekly Television Public Affairs Program on Consumer-Related Issues, WHAS-TV, Louisville, KY

Writer-Producer, Television Public Affairs Series, Public Service Campaigns and Political Campaigns Commercials.  (Selected list of campaigns and commercials available upon request.)  Nominated for Louis Award in Public Service Television.

1979-82--Press Secretary & Director of Communication for Jefferson County, KY, Judge Executive (chief elected official) A. Mitch McConnell (now U.S. Senator)
and Jefferson County,  KY, Louisville, KY

Primary Responsibilities & Accomplishments

Administered, supervised and directed departmental staff and budget; Conceived, developed and supervised County-wide public and media communication; Served as member of Cabinet  and supervised communication between governmental departments and the media; Served as primary speech writer and communication liaison for State and National interface; Served as liaison to US Congress, Governor, Presidential, Senatorial, and Congressional campaign committees; Developed public awareness and image enhancement campaigns; Supervised and developed media and communication elements of election campaign; Wrote and placed articles in major national media outlets; Responsible for strategic planning for internal and external communication with related constituencies at the local, state, and national levels.

Campus Dean & Director, Baccalaureate Program, World University, Miami, FL

Primary Responsibilities & Accomplishments

Created, developed, and administered baccalaureate programs; Developed and managed budget; Responsible for Academic & Student Affairs emphases including enrollment management, student retention, academic and individual counseling, career development, faculty hiring and management; Developed policies and procedures for assessing and crediting experiential learning and portfolio learning (CLEP); Developed and supervised community liaisons for practica and post-graduate career placement; Managed campus and divisional strategic planning. 

1976--Visiting Professor, University of Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland.  Creative Movement Therapy

Chairperson, Academic Policy Board, Lone Mountain College, Masters Degree Program in Psychology, Miami, FL

Primary Responsibilities & Accomplishments

Administered and facilitated Board procedures; Developed liaisons for Internship supervision and placement; Directed fiscal liaison with home campus in San Francisco; Supervised selection and hiring of faculty; Responsible for program oversight and
curriculum development; Provided individual academic and personal counseling, as well as career development counseling for students. 

Adjunct Professor, Florida International University, Graduate School, Miami, FL
Psychology, Expressive Arts Therapy

Visiting Professor, University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA  
Performing Arts, Theatrical Combat

Visiting Professor, California State University-San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Performing Arts, Mime

Visiting Professor, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Communication Theory

Director of Dance and Professor of Theatre & Dance, Miami-Dade State College, Miami, FL.  Three-time recipient of College-wide Outstanding Professor
Award.  Humanities (Drama); Dance; Theatre History, English, Staged Combat.

Primary Responsibilities & Accomplishments

Developed and directed curriculum concentration in Dance/Movement/Mime/Stage Combat; Developed and supervised scholarship program; Responsible for
recruitment and program promotion, developing program into financially viable major with 50% male and 50% female students; Developed choreography for all productions; Served as Chair of Faculty Senate and as Chair of AAUP Chapter; Participated in articulation, promotion and numerous other college-wide task forces.

Artistic Director, Choreographer and Producer, Miami Jazz Dance Ensemble and Miami Mime Artists, Miami, FL and Professional Choreographer for Stage, Screen
and Television, with national and international companies.  (Selected list of works of art available upon request.)


Lesley University, Cambridge, MA
External Reviewer, PhD Program in Expressive Therapies; Provided in-depth analysis and recommendations for future program development and enhancement involving curriculum design and delivery, faculty development and staffing, student retention and external communication; Provided written report of findings and recommendations.

Park University, Parkville, MO
Program and curriculum design and development; Alternative methods for articulating general education at the undergraduate level; Infusing person-centered learning and curriculum model into the graduate program; Designed model for distance learning PhD in Leadership.

NOVA Southeastern University, Abraham Fischler Graduate School of Education, North Miami, FL 
Program and curriculum design; Arts-Based Research Methodology; Research Methodologies for the Interdisciplinary Arts.

Shea Educational Group, Palm Beach County, FL Program and curriculum development; Lobbying for State approval and licensure; Manuscript preparation and development.

Various Political Candidates and Elected Officials, Corporate Executives, Non-Profit Organization Leaders, Media and Sports Figures.  Communication Performance; Persuasion; Media communication and relations.

Earl Productions, Palm Beach County, FL

Theatrical movement and physical character development for professional film, stage, and television actors.

Capella University (formally The Graduate School of America), Minneapolis, MN.  Academic program
design and curriculum development; Faculty selection and development; Accreditation preparation and achievement.

Jefferson Community College, Louisville, KY.  Program development in life-long learning; Program marketing.

Phillip Ronniger Associates, Louisville, KY.  Program and human development; Organizational development; Marketing communication; Public relations marketing.

University of Louisville, Theatre Department, Louisville, KY.  Scholarship program development; Solicited donations of over $500,000 for program.

Kentucky Child Safety Seat Lobby, State of Kentucky.  Program design and development; Management
of State-wide lobbying campaign; Volunteer development; Public Relations Marketing; Media
development and relations; Congressional testimony development and writing; Resource development; Served as Chair and Spokesperson for campaign, successfully passing State legislation. 

General Electric Corporation, Louisville, KY.  Outplacement consultation; Human development;
Organizational communication; Public relations marketing; Image retrieval and enhancement.

Atlantic Richfield Corporation, Louisville, KY.  Organizational communication; Public
relations marketing; Media consultation. 

Chevron, USA, Louisville, KY office.  Public relations marketing; Media relations.

Youth Performing Arts School, Louisville, KY.  Program development in creative mime and movement.

Kentucky Bankers Association, Louisville, KY. Persuasive communication; Communication performance.

Community Coordinated Child Care, Louisville, KY. Public relations marketing; Media relations;
Board relations.

Rivergate Convention Center, New Orleans, LA.  Organizational communication; Organizational
development for diversity in the workplace.

San Francisco Young Adult Network, San Francisco, CA.  Expressive arts therapies program design and development.

Bay Area Presbyterian Ministers Wives, San Francisco and Berkeley, CA.  Program development in Expressive Arts Therapies and Creative Aggression.

Governor’s Task Force on Drug Abuse, State of Florida.  Program development in Expressive Arts
Therapies for drug treatment facilities.

Miami-Dade County Drug Treatment Unit, Miami, FL.  Program development in Expressive Arts Therapies.


2011--Author.   Interview with the Co-Founder of the Union Institute Graduate College Ph.D. Program
Roy P. Fairfield.  Union Institute & University

2006--Author.  Towards Developing A Creative Process-Based Research Methodology.  Union Institute &   

2004--Book chapter.  A Union of Voices: Accounts of the Union Institute & University.  Xlibris Press, Constance Cappel, PhD, Ed.

2004--Editor and Contributor.  A Poetry Therapy Chapbook: Poems from a Fountain of Healers.  Union Institute & University

2003--Author.  Boyer’s Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate – A Distillation and
Discussion: Recognizing A “Mosaic of Talent,”  Peer reviewed and adopted by the doctoral faculty.  Union Institute & University

2002--“An Outline for the Contextual Essay for Capstone Projects for Graduate Degrees in the
Interdisciplinary Arts,” NOVA Southeastern University

2002--Editor and Contributor.  A Poetry Therapy Chapbook: Musings from Vermont.  Union Institute &

1996--Editor, with Paul Haber, PhD, Learning A La Code? Written by Roy Fairfield, Ph.D.  Saco, ME:
Bastille Books 

Revised Annually--Author.  The Learning Agreement Demystified: A Guide to the Doctoral Learning Agreement. Peer reviewed and adopted by the doctoral faculty, Union Institute & University

Revised Annually--Author.  The Program Summary Demystified: A Guide to the Doctoral Program Summary.  Peer reviewed and adopted by the doctoral faculty, Union Institute & University

Revised Periodically--Author.  The Creation and the Early Years of the Union Institute.  Union Institute & University

1991--Author.  Alternative Methods for Facilitating and Managing Doctoral Colloquia.  Peer reviewed and
adopted by the doctoral faculty.  Union Institute & University

1991--Author.  Alternative Methods for Teaching the Elements of the Learner Handbook.  Peer reviewed and adopted by the doctoral faculty.  Union Institute & University

1991--Author.  Various Learning Styles, Modes and Strategies: Results of Quality Assurance Research.
Peer reviewed and adopted by the doctoral faculty, Union Institute & University

1991 (Revised Periodically)--Author.  Guidelines for Certification, Union Institute & University

1991 (Revised Periodically)--Author.  Pre-Graduation Checklist, Union Institute & University 

1980--Editor.  “A Note on Revenue Sharing,” Commonsense, Spring 1980, Vol. 3, #2, with U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell


2001-Present--Ongoing research in the development of Arts-Based and Creative Process-Based Research Methodology for doctoral dissertations and masters theses and other research projects, based upon Heuristic and Phenomenological research principles, extending the work of Shaun McNiff (Art Based Research, 2000) and incorporating the principles of other forms of research methods in the Arts and Humanities. 

1995-Present--Ongoing research aimed at creating a dance training technique for older persons wishing to
participate in training and choreography leading to performance.  Research incorporates work in spinal health, post-menopausal bone density, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal aging, physical therapy, Eastern meditation and movement.  Based upon earlier work completed in creating a non-injurious dance training technique that has been adopted by the dance
programs at various institutions.

1989-Present--Ongoing research into the possible coercive nature of television news and political advertising.  Based primarily on original theories of Communication Psychology.

1972-1976--Research and development of a non-injurious dance training technique based upon Asian forms of martial Arts, Middle Eastern and Asian meditative movement forms, Feldenkrai theory, Bioenergetical Theory, the work of Wilhelm Reich and Doris Breyer, Somatic Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology Theory, and more than 20 years as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer.  Tested on over 100 dance students and adopted by various institutions including Oberlin
University, University of Miami, Miami-Dade State College.  Also a paper was presented at the Southeastern Theatre Conference in 1976, entitled “Towards Developing A Non-Injurious Dance Training Technique.”

1966-1967--Research grant from the University of Florida to conduct a correlational study between the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and the Miller Analogies Test as accurate predictors for success in graduate school.  Results indicated an inverse correlation in relation to the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, no difference in the sciences, and correlation related only to Mathematics and Engineering.    

1965-1966--Research grant from the University of Florida to conduct a study of student co-habitation activities.

1961-1963--Various grants from the US Army Medical Research Laboratory in Fort Knox, KY, to conduct
studies on attention span, sensory deprivation, and learning theory.

1960-1962--Grant from the University of Louisville to research and develop archives and to curate the painting, lithograph and photo collection of the Boyd Martin Theatre.  

1960-1963--Research grants from the University of Louisville to conduct various studies in experimental psychology and to evaluate research proposals of faculty and graduate students for design flaws and
well as accuracy of results prior to publication.


2010--“Exit Interview” and “The Politics of Expressive Arts Therapies Training at the Graduate Level,” for the
Graduate faculty and administration, Lesley University, Graduate School of Arts & Social Sciences, Cambridge, MA

2005--“Alternative Methodologies for the Humanities and Social Sciences,” for the faculty and administration,
Park University, Parkville, MO

2005--“Creative Possibilities for Leadership of Humanities & Social Sciences Divisions,” for the faculty and administration, Park University, Parkville, MO

2002--“Arts Based Research Design and Methods,” NOVA Southeastern University, Abraham Fischler
Graduate School of Education, North Miami, FL

1989--“Commencement Address,” Center for Humanistic Psychology, Detroit, MI

1986--“Solving Communication Problems in the 1990’s,” American Society for Medical Technology National Convention, Louisville, KY

1986--“The Coercive Nature of Television News,”  American Association of University Women, Regional
Conference, Keynote Address, Chicago, IL

1986--“Commencement Address,” Vermont College of Norwich University, Masters Program, Montpelier, VT

1986--“Advanced Learning for Career Development,” Mankato State University, Mankato, MN

1986--“Career Development in Expressive Arts Therapies,” Kansas Very Special Arts Association,
Manhattan, KS

1985--“The Making of Television News,” American Association of University Women, Regional Conference, Keynote Address, South Bend, IN

1984--“Marketing Communication: Persuasion in the 1980’s,” Kentucky Bankers Association, Louisville, KY

1981--“Ethics in Public Relations,” Public Relations Society of America, Louisville, KY

1980--“The Press Secretary: Marrying Politics with the Creation of the News,"  Public Relations Society of
America, Louisville, KY

1976--“Towards Developing a Non-Injurious Dance Training Technique,” Southeastern Theatre Conference,
Memphis, TN


2006--“The Expressive Arts Therapies in Philosophy, Theory & Practice:  Healing through the Creative Arts,”
(with Irene Corbit, PhD), Union Institute & University

2006--“Research Methods and Methods of Inquiry for the Creative Arts, Expressive and Creative Arts Therapies with Focus on Theory & Criticism, Arts-Based and Creative Process-Based Research,” (with Ross Laird, PhD), Union Institute & University

1999-2005--“American Theatre and Drama on the Cutting Edge: The Actors Theatre of Louisville Humana Festival of New American Plays” (with Gary Diomandes, PhD and Michael Halperin, PhD), Union Institute & University

2004--“Poetry Therapy for the Helping Professions,” (with Sherry Reiter, PhD), Union Institute & University and Vermont College

2002-2003--“Poetry Therapy for Healing and Personal Growth,” (with Sherry Reiter, PhD), Union Institute &
University & Vermont College

1984-2008--“Entrance Colloquia for Doctoral Study,” Union Institute & University (presented annually)

1998--“Challenging the Boundaries: Extending the Possibilities for Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions Through Mid-Years and Later Life,” (with Robert K. Cooper, PhD), Sponsored by the Agnes Rettig Trust, Union Institute & University

1994--“HIV/AIDS: Diversity, the Media, Psychotherapy, and the Caregiver,” (with Mary Ellen Freas, PhD), Union Institute & University

1989-1994--“Suicidology: Psychotherapy, the Arts and Society,” (with Willson Williams, PhD), Union Institute & University 

1988--“Concepts, Experiences, and Expressions of Life Crisis” (with Cereta Perry, PhD and Margit Romang,
PhD) Union Institute & University

1986--“The Humor in Humanness,” (with Roy Fairfield, Ph.D. and Hal Kirshbaum, PhD), Union Institute & University

1985-1988--“Communication and the Creative Process,” (with Roy Fairfield, PhD, Founder of the Union Graduate School, now the Graduate College), Union Institute & University

1985-1987--“CareerDevelopment for Women,” Women’s Opportunities Week, San Diego, CA

1980-1982--“Creative Movement and Mime,” University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

1977--“Expressive Arts Therapies Workshop,” Zurich Primal Therapists, Zurich, Switzerland

1977--“Creative Movement and the Expressive Arts Therapies,” Lesley College, Cambridge, MA

1973-1974--“Creative Aggression for Women,” series, San Francisco Bay Areas Presbyterian Ministers Wives

1973-1974--“Expressive Arts Therapies," series, San Francisco Consortium of Creative Arts Therapists

1967-1972--“Choreographic Workshop," series Southeastern Theatre Conference Annual Meetings


(Please note:  In most cases, each of the following courses were taught multiple times at institutions noted earlier in this document.)

Introduction to Doctoral Research in Interdisciplinary     Humanities/Dramatic Literature
Studies/Dissertation Development & Writing    Performing Arts
Arts-Based Research

Theatre History

Creative Process-Based Research

Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Interpretive, Character Expressive Arts Therapies & Adagio)
Creative Movement Therapy

Introduction to Psychology
Poetry Therapy

Organizational Psychology
Psychological Theory

Speech Communication/Performance
Organizational Behavior

Communication & Interpersonal Relations
Organizational Communication
Persuasion & Coercion Theory

Voice & Diction


2010-Present--Member, International Alumni Board, Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH

2007-2008--Member, Supervisor of Elections Citizens’ Advisory Committee, Palm Beach County, FL

1999-Present--Member, Academic Program and Policy Board, European Graduate School, Bern, Switzerland

1999-2000--Founding Chair, Citizens Criminal Justice Advocacy Committee, Palm Beach County, FL

1994-1996--Founding Chair, Auxiliary Board, Good Samaritan Nursing Home, Chanhassen, MN

1991-1993--Mime Coach, Pittsburgh Ballet Baroque Dance Company, Pittsburgh, PA


Awarded Professor Emeritus Status by the Board of Trustees of Union Institute & University

Mentor for four (4) Marvin B. Sussman Award Winners for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations, Union Institute & University

Pre-Publication Reviewer for The Haworth Press for books being published in the Performing Arts

Outstanding Professor, Selected by Students, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Louis Award Nomination for Writing and Producing Television Public Service Campaigns

First Woman Selected for Membership in the Society of American Fight Directors (Choreographers of theatrical combat for stage, screen and television)

Outstanding Professor, Three times Selected by Students, Miami-Dade State College, Miami, FL

Protégé of Julius Palffy-Alpar (world renowned fight choreographer) and personally trained by him

Regional Judge, American College Theatre Festival

Auditions Choreographer, Southeastern Theatre Conference

Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Woodrow Wilson Fellow in Experimental Psychology, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Boyd Martin Award for Excellence in Theatre, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Arts League of Louisville Fellowship, Louisville, KY

Mortar Board Women’s Honorary Society, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Ford Fellow, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Outstanding Student – President’s Award, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Amy Burnham Onken Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Leadership, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity,
Regional Award

Cwens Sophomore Women’s Honorary Society, President, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

American Ballet Theatre National Scholarship Recipient